Our Story


Who Were the Sons of Liberty?

Formed in 1765, the Sons of Liberty were a group of rebels, a secret society formed to protect the rights of the colonists and ultimately fight for their freedoms. Members of the Sons of Liberty organization were simply fed up with the British government, banded together to take a stand and fought for what they believed in.

Our Beginning

We believe being American means taking a stand without compromise and fearlessly pursuing your dreams no matter what stands in your way. We founded Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. to revolutionize and redefine American Whiskey and released our first whiskey December 2011.

It all started with one simple question: "Why is no one distilling single malt whiskies from the beers we love?" With a spirit for innovation, we set out to challenge century old traditions with American Single Malt Whiskies born from distinctly flavorful beers. Today, having been dumb enough to think we can and just smart enough to pull it off, we are proud to be leaders in the rebirth of American Whiskey

Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co. - Relentlessly American


Our Flag

The Sons of Liberty logo is an interpretation of the original Sons of Liberty flag - the rebellious stripes flag with nine vertical stripes (4 white, 5 red) which was adopted in 1767. This mark represents the non-conforming, independent and rebellious nature of our team and products. 




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