Honey Chamomile

Flavored Whiskey Rhode Island honey

Seasonal Release - Batch #6

Infused with honey from Woods Family Farm in Westerly, Rhode Island and chamomile flowers, this seasonal whiskey is as delicious as it sounds.

Starting with just the right amount of sweetness from the honey, you'll enjoy a unique balance of herbal and floral notes followed by a hint of caramel. A perfect toasty whiskey for those cold New England nights.

In a determined effort to always respect the whiskey, no artificial flavors or coloring are added.

Pick Up At Sons of Liberty Starting 11/18

Did You Know?

It takes approximately 50lbs of local honey to make one tasty batch of Honey Chamomile Flavored Whiskey.

Award Competition Year
Silver Honey Spirits Competition 2019
"Think back as a kid squeezing honey onto your tongue. As an adult, smelling the aroma of honey in your tea and the calm feeling of chamomile.

Aroma: Sweet hypnotizing honey, because the more I smell it the more I want to drink it.

Taste: Bitter at first (from the chamomile) then sweet (from the honey)

Feel: At first a slight warm feeling, then smooth going down. Best ways to drink IMO: Neat (no ice) or pair with hot lemon tea or chamomile mint tea." (10/2/17)
Solomon Dy - SOL Superfan
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